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English Toffee Milkshake Stout 5.2%, Rochester Mills Beer Company, United States
2 arviota
English Toffee Milkshake Stout
5.2% Milk Stout / Sweet Stout


Post author: Sirdubby
3 years ago
Time for the 12 Days of Drainpours (Milkshake Stouts). They are unofficially known around here as the 12 days of drainpours because of the thinner body and people just not being a huge fan of them. I, however, buy this pack every year to see what they came up with. First day of the 12 Days of Drainpours (I'm only doing 11, due to my peanut allergy). This is a repeat from last year's pack. Toffee and butterscotch in the aroma. Taste has a light toffee flavor, lactose, chocolate and roasted malts. Medium-ish body and lower carbonation. Enjoyable. 3.75

Post author: Sirdubby
5 years ago
Day 3 of the 11 days of Milkshake Stouts. Had to delay it due to me being sick last week. Chocolate, lactose and some toffee in the aroma. Taste has the same, with the toffee being the stronger flavor, followed by the chocolate and lactose in about equal amounts. Medium-ish body with medium-low carbonation. More body would help this a ton, but it's pretty good flavor wise. 3.5/5