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Double Infinity (Eureka!) 8.0%, Superflux Beer Company, Canada
1 ratings
Double Infinity (Eureka!)
8.0% Imperial IPA / Double IPA


Post author: Gordzilla
@ Liquor Plus
5 years ago
Double Infinity (Eureka!), Canada
Massive juicy aroma packed with orange, grapefruit, mango, Papaya, and other citrus and tropical fruit notes. Very hazy yellow orange beer that resembles fresh fruit juice. There is a hinted possibility of resinous pine in the background. Fluffy thin head helps one judge the carbonation. The mouthfeel is lucious and creamy. The flavours are bold and rich. The resinous piney taste laye heavily over the fruity and citrus flavours but all are present and accounted for. There is almost an oat like thickness and taste. Bitterness is strong but attacks from behind the cloak of juiciness. I did have to knock a couple decimal points off for the sweetness it has which is only slight too much. A proper and exciting double ipa.