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Into The Black Stout 4.8%, Off the Rail Brewing, Canada
1 ratings
Into The Black Stout
4.8% Stout


Post author: Gordzilla
@ Beverly Corners
4 years ago
Into The Black Stout, Canada
Yes!!!! New stout. To me at least. I've been having dark desires lately and this definitely helped satiate those black needs. It pours an almost opaque black but shows ruby highlights when put to a flashlight test. A dark cappuccino colored head about 2 fingers tall forms of nice smallish bubbles and fades sloy after a good photo opp. Aromatically it is promising to be very nice. It produces smooth fragrances of medium dark chocolate, creamy coffee, caramel, and a mild roast barley note. There is a slight herbal suggestion that I am assuming comes from hops. As it enters the mouth it has a bit of jagged edge to it that I didn't expect. It tingles on the tongue with either carbonation or hops. Im not sure which. It is very dry and flat underneath this to the point of seeming almost dusty. Roast barley, and smooth easy coffee are the main flavours with a bit of coffee and some herbal hops follow along. It has a bit more hop than I'd have thought but not too much be. This is one of the oddest stouts I've encountered, everything about it says I shouldn't like it but I really do. Very dry and dimensionally flat for an oatmeal stout, or any stout for that matter. The aroma is very misleading. I have a soft spot for oddities and I think this fits.