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Calvinus Ambrée 4.8%, Les Frères Papinot Bières Calvinus, Switzerland
8 ratings
Calvinus Ambrée
4.8% Red Ale / Amber Ale


Post author: Wil N
Wil N
@ Mr. Pickwick
6 days ago
Calvinus Ambrée, Switzerland
Douce et légèrement caramélisée.

Post author: Nicolas8
1 year ago

Post author: tja
2 years ago
Calvinus Ambrée, Switzerland
Menee kinkkuleivän kanssa.

Post author: Émeline B
Émeline B
2 years ago

Post author: Antoine B
Antoine B
3 years ago
Calvinus Ambrée, Switzerland

Post author: Christopher O
Christopher O
3 years ago

Post author: Begi
3 years ago

Post author: WexiLahti
@ All You Need Bar & Shop, Geneva Airport / Terminal 1 / Gates D
4 years ago
Calvinus Ambrée, Switzerland
The second last door #23 of my Advent calendar reveals Calvinus Ambrée. Clear, deep copper beer with hefty ruby tint and restrained, hasty carbonation releases a cream-colored, tiny-bubbled head that barely reaches half a finger's height and settles soon down to a frazil-icy lacing and eventually flat still. The nose receives strong syrup and a tad caramel, accompanied by sweet biscuit, some raisin and a distant hint of date. The palate is substantially syrupy, relatively sweet but not oversweet though. Sweet malt with a rich caramelly twist merges with raisin, brown sugar, Christmas bread, a tiny dollop of plum juice and a pinch of date. A sugared nutty note lingers in the back of the mouth. Overall, the gustatory supply is a bit thin and relatively sweet. The body is light. The finish displays still sweet syrupy malt and a decent amount of caramel, followed by semisweet Christmas bread, biscuit dough, brown sugar and distinct raisin. The aftertaste moves to history rather quickly. The mouthfeel is a bit powerless and flat, somewhat lip-glueing and sticky as well as uninspiring. No need to carve the beer's name in stone.