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Calvinus Rousse 8.0%, Les Frères Papinot Bières Calvinus, Switzerland
5 arviota
Calvinus Rousse
8.0% Belgian Strong Ale


Post author: Aaron M
Aaron M
5 years ago

Post author: Christopher O
Christopher O
5 years ago

Post author: Begi
5 years ago

Post author: WexiLahti
@ All You Need Bar & Shop, Geneva Airport / Terminal 1 / Gates D
6 years ago
Calvinus Rousse, Switzerland
Time to return to the normal life: my Advent calendar's door #16 is, therefore, to be opened. Semifoggy, deep copper beer with powerful, really sustained carbonation builds an off-white, creamy head that exceeds one finger and flattens to a moldy layer on the surface. The withdrawing foam marks the glass with a few downpouring traces. The nose senses bags of medium-sweet drycake and biscuit dough. Bitter orange peel and a subtle touch of lemon try to make the scent fresher but fail because of the stuffy dried apricot and a tad raisin. The fragrance is, overall, rather musty, medium-heavy and a bit floral. The tongue experiences hefty sweet dough, a big heap of biscuit and lots of drycake, laying the foundation for relatively heavy impression. Strong fermented banana, dried apricot, a smaller injection of mango and a pinch of yellow sultanas season the palate in a fruitier direction. A bit of freshness stems from bitter orange peel and a drop of lemon zest. The body is medium-full to full. The finish offers light-bitter grapefruit and some lemon peel, distinct bitter orange peel and fruit drycake. A punch of wheat malt keeps the aftertaste on the heavier side. The aftertaste keeps the tastebuds active for some time. The mouthfeel is strong and relatively heavy, rather musty and closed as well as distantly spiced and substantially Christmassy. Palatable but a bit challenging. Definitely slow.