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Fraîcheur Pamplemousse 5.0%, Brasserie Trois Dames, Switzerland
2 ratings
Fraîcheur Pamplemousse
5.0% Witbier


Post author: Conszul
3 years ago

Post author: WexiLahti
5 years ago
Fraîcheur Pamplemousse, Switzerland
Flight 4/4. Murky, deep yellow beer pours from tap. Moderate, hasty carbonation creates a pure white, velvety head that falls short of half a finger. Small spots are left behind on the side of the glass whereas a neat thin lacing lingers on top for significantly long. The olfactory palette includes strong grapefruit pulp, a wee bit of blood grapefruit and some grapefruit peel, followed by recognizeable lemon zest and distant pineapple. A wheaty nuance accompanies in the immediate proximity. The tastebuds are playing with massive grapefruit pulp, a dollop of blood grapefruit, a good injection of lemon zest and a tad grated lemon peel. A pinch of wheat malt brings in more bitterness. The body can be placed between light and light-medium. The aftertaste is, generally speaking, rather thin, offering some grapefruit pulp and grapefruit peel, a bitter wheaty amendment as well as thin hops. The finish disappears shortly from the taste organs. The mouthfeel is relatively light, light-tart, a bit subtropical, substantially summery and somewhat dry.