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East Coast IPA 7.0%, Sydney Brewery, Australia
3 ratings
East Coast IPA
7.0% India Pale Ale
Tropical fruit hop aroma and light on the plate, allowing the hops shine through.


Post author: Ville-Markus P
Ville-Markus P
2 years ago

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Sydney Brewery Surry Hills
4 years ago
East Coast IPA, Australia
Tasting paddle 4/8. Limpid, amber beer with timid, quick carbonation unlocks a velvety, off-white head that hastily melts down to a circular floating layer at the center of the surface. The olfactory provision is easy, sessionable and relatively summery. My nose experiences grapefruit zest, significantly distant caramel and sweet malt. The tastebuds like the crisp, summery juice that contains grapefruit, lemon pulp, a drop of resin and some dry grass. The body is light to light-medium. The beer finishes with juicy lemon, grapefruit and a distant piney note. The mouthfeel is somewhat strong, relatively crisp and a bit lip-glueing. Nice and tasty but not very challenging.

Post author: Lauri H
Lauri H
4 years ago
Light starting IPA with late hops pushing. Good fella!