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Family Reunion 7.0%, Riot Brewing Co., Canada
1 arviota
Family Reunion
7.0% India Pale Ale


Post author: Gordzilla
@ Vancouver Island Liquor
5 years ago
Family Reunion, Canada
As the seasons swings to the cooler side in this chunk of the planet, my adventures take me to some sometimes steep and often heavily wooded areas. I find my self quite tired at the end of these days and my exploratory desires quenched, so I've been sticking to some tried and true favorites for my beer sipping pleasures. I've been as lazy about my cranial hair care as I have in trying new brews. But I got to missing all you fine people and the beers you are sharing. So I thought a Family Reunion was an appropriate beer to come back on. Also I'm getting a haircut tomorrow. According to the label, this is a brut IPA with hallertau blanc hops and complimented by a blush of tart cranberries. The blush comes through slightly I the colour as it pours a pale rose gold, heavy on the gold not on the rose. D Standard carbonation provides a standard head and a lasting thin bubbly layer. The nose is dry, with white grape, white wine, a very mild berry note. I want to say a faint odor of wet dog hair, but that comes across as unpleasant and this is not. The tongue finds this quite wine like as well. Dry, tart, musty, with white wine and a bit of a yeastiness. Components of this beer coat the tongue and back of the throat and help provide a lingering tart bitterness to accentuate the sensation. The cranberry taste is subtle but I think lends itself more to the texture profile. One of my outdoor endeavors this time of year is wild mushroom foraging. I think this would pair nicely with a rich chanterelle dish. Not a favourite beer but I enjoyed it.