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Twisted Buchabeer / Ananda Buchabeer 0.5%, Nirvana Brewery, England
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Twisted Buchabeer / Ananda Buchabeer
0.5% Kombucha
Ananda Buchabeer a combination of Nirvana’s signature Tantra Pale Ale and Kombucha – an exciting alcohol free beer full of live cultures, good bacteria, helpful enzymes & friendly antioxidants! Ananda Buchabeer is a no alcohol beer with a twist, we believe the first of its kind in the UK.. Through combining Kombucha (made with the finest green Sencha tea from Japan), cane sugar and Nirvana’s Tantra pale ale, this beer offers a unique refreshing taste and is made with live cultures, good bacteria, helpful enzymes & friendly antioxidants, resulting in a beer that’s actively good for you!


Post author: alakoskettele
@ K-Supermarket Lehmus
4 years ago
Tää aika sourimaine olut😲. Toimi hyvin alkoholittomaksi varsinki. Myös janojuamana☝️

Post author: WexiLahti
@ K-Citymarket Pirkkala
4 years ago
Twisted Buchabeer / Ananda Buchabeer, England
Quarantine Day #8. Something strange for today: a nonalcoholic (ABV = 0.5 %) Kombucha Pale Ale. Whatever that means... The beer pours relatively turbid, dirty dark orange. The fizzy relaxed carbonation creates a white, withdrawn head that merely covers the top for a short snap. A truly faint ring of minuscule bubbles floats on the side of the surface. The nose receives odd nuances: the very first inhale gets dirty wet dishcloth and vinegar. Fortunately, the scent stops sending those unpleasant aromas. Instead, I find hefty cane sugar, some apricot, a bit of yellow sultanas and a hint of matcha. The taste receptors get shocked of the sharp sour palate: dried apricot, fermented nectarine and bitter orange peel constitute the core elements. I also find a generous punch of fructose, vitamin C effervescent tablet, a suggestion of cane sugar and a silent sigh of green tea. Quite a slam! The body is really light. The beer finishes with fermented apricot, sour peach and moderately sugared black tea. Still, a tad fructose and cane sugar can be detected in the background. The aftertaste gives heartburns to the tastebuds over short to medium duration. The mouthfeel is rather tart and slightly crisp as well as massively puckering. It's also effervescent, surprisingly zippy and quite unbeery. Strange. Very difficult to rate.

Post author: Dazzz66
@ Lightdrinks
5 years ago
Twisted Buchabeer / Ananda Buchabeer, England