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Impy Custard 10.4%, Moncada Brewery, England
15 ratings
Impy Custard
10.4% Imperial Stout
Imperial Stout.


Post author: Vicki
9 months ago

Post author: orson
@ Pop 'n' Hops
2 years ago
Impy Custard, England
Joo kaupasta tuli ihan ite kannettua Suomeen asti ennen koronaa tämä, mutta kyllähän tämä on ihan pilalla. Hyi hitto.

Post author: Guitarfreak
3 years ago
Delicious imperial stout. The rich maltiness is nicely balanced with a smooth sweetness and creamy vanilla custard flavours.

Post author: GT
3 years ago

Post author: King Goblin
King Goblin
4 years ago

Post author: Thomas S
Thomas S
4 years ago
Impy Custard, England
Wow that's black! Heavy coffee and molasses flavours. Perhaps the most dark beer I've ever had

Post author: Amppu
@ Left Field Beer
4 years ago
Impy Custard, England
Tosi esanssinen vaniljan tuoksu. Ööh, sama jatkuu maussa. Vetinen ja ällöttävän esanssinen makeus ja vaniljaisuus. Mitään muuta en kerta kaikkiaan pysty maistamaan tästä. Ei uppoa, useasta sinnikkäästä yrityksestä huolimatta, viemäriin mänöö..

Post author: Jari J
Jari J
@ Left Field Beer
4 years ago
Impy Custard, England
Bottle. Best before: 3.4.2021 Temperature: +12 degrees Light color as what comes to Imperial stouts.... Coffee brown with small tan head. The foam has a short life. Quite uninspiring appearance: 3/5 Very strong vanilla aroma. Chocolate at the back with a licorise note. That's it. Strong but straightforward: 3,75/5 Mouthfeel is medium-full with mild alcohol warmth. Bit too much carbonation and "sharp edges". So not really a smooth Imperial stout: 3,75/5 Taste has a essence like vanilla flavour suppoted by chocolate and coffee flavours. Imperial stouts should be complex and challenging, this just jumps straight to business. Plus I don't like the aftertaste which leaves in the mouth: sharp and stingy but not the way I like it: 8/15 With a much more body, less carbonation and more complex flavours, this could be outstanding beer. Everything else seems to be on point. Think about like a movie with great actors and script but a bad director: 13/20 =30,5/50

Post author: NaeZae
4 years ago
Impy Custard, England

Post author: TC
@ The Beer Shop
4 years ago
Impy Custard, England