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Noctis 6.0%, Torchlight Brewing Company, Canada
1 ratings
6.0% Sour / Wild Ale
Unconventional, dark, dry-hopped, lavender, hibiscus, sour ale.


Post author: Gordzilla
@ Liquor Plus
4 years ago
Noctis, Canada
I've been looking at this for a little while now and finally got up nerve to try it. Seems carbonated when poured but builds no head at all. Visually mysterious with its intriguing label art and dark translucent reddish brown color. The aromas are quite beyond anything I've ever encountered. Exciting to say the least. You can tell its a sour, and pick out the lavender and hibiscus, but they work together and create a harmony that acts like something else altogether. It comes across to me as lime soda, black currant wine, and raspberry chocolate. Once tasting has begun, there is absolutely no question that this is not a sour. Pulling the cheeks in and puckering the mouth it actually intensifies and begins to dry out. The lavender and hibiscus make for a lovely floral, slightly herbal experience. Elegant and unusual this is a very enjoyable beer.