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3 Quarter Time Session Ale 3.4%, Newstead Brewing, Australia
4 ratings
3 Quarter Time Session Ale
3.4% Session IPA


Post author: LordThunderon
3 years ago

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Great Northern Brewing Co. Bar / Brisbane Airport, Domestic Terminal
4 years ago
3 Quarter Time Session Ale, Australia
Clear, deep gold beer with effervescent, sustained carbonation builds a white, fluffy head that exceeds one finger and decorates the top for truly long. The nose gets solely refreshing lemon pulp and a tad lemon peel. The taste is thin and unappealing, portraying light-bitter pale malt and a generous amount of both lemon zest and peel. The beer ends with bitter citrus and grassy hops over medium duration. The mouthfeel is thin, fresh, distantly crisp and easy. Rather uninspiring and even a tad bulky.

Post author: Timo N
Timo N
4 years ago