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Trumer Pils 4.9%, Trumer Brauerey Berkeley, United States
4 ratings
Trumer Pils
4.9% Pilsner


Post author: WexiLahti
@ Lapats Thai Noodles Bar
3 years ago
Trumer Pils, United States
Transparent, gold beer with regular, hasty carbonation releases a white, whipped-creamy head that bursts bubble by bubble sluggishly down. The withdrawing foam leaves thick coverings all over the glass. The scent displays mere moderate pale malt, otherwise the fragrance is just numb. The beer's chilly temperature may also have something to do with it. The taste portrays slightly sweet pale malt and significantly restrained hops. I can't detect anything else. The body is thin but not skinny. The beer finishes with rather quickly with faintly bitter pale malt and subdued hops again. The mouthfeel is thin, standard bulky, very light-crisp. Rubbish beer but beats Coors Light and Michelob Ultra.

Post author: Womanvsbeer
@ Valentina
3 years ago
Trumer Pils, United States

Post author: Pellervo
@ Tee Clift Royal Sonesta
4 years ago
Trumer Pils, United States
20 tuntia matkustusta saa suun kuivumaan. Onneksi lääke löytyy läheltä.

Post author: Tempsey
@ Salt's Cure
4 years ago
Trumer Pils, United States
Strong and full body pilsner