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Hedelmäsirkus Siideri 0.0%, Olvi, Finland
4 arviota
Hedelmäsirkus Siideri
0.0% Apple Cider
Hanki Olvi tarra arvioimalla mikä tahansa panimon olut Pint Please äpissä!
The coolest and purest thirst quencher of spring 2014 is definitely OLVI Cider Fruit Circus. Olvi's newest flavoured cider is bubbling with the freshness of citrus fruits, and the only unique Jelly Beans fruit candy-taste on the market. With one sip you can taste the tempting flavours of a delicious colourful bag of sweets and sense the fruity aromas - as if you just opened the bag. The product receives its candy flavour from real sugar. There are 56 kcal in on decilitre of the apple-based flavoured cider.


Post author: Teemu K
Teemu K
9 years ago