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Simmentaler Märzen 4.8%, Simmentaler Braumanufaktur GmbH, Switzerland
10 ratings
Simmentaler Märzen
4.8% Oktoberfest / Märzen


Post author: Julien G
Julien G
10 months ago

Post author: Phil1977
11 months ago
Simmentaler Märzen, Switzerland

Post author: Koval113
1 year ago

Post author: Thirsty Maze
Thirsty Maze
1 year ago

Post author: Rolf L
Rolf L
1 year ago

Post author: Alexandre G
Alexandre G
2 years ago

Post author: EquinoX4k
3 years ago
Super feins Bier! Cooli Location vo eurer neue Brauerei in dr Lenk! Super nätti Lüt dört! Liebi Grües us Basel

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Drinks of the World, Geneva
3 years ago
Simmentaler Märzen, Switzerland
Turbid, dirty, light brown beer with reasonable, short-lived carbonation unleashes a cream-yellow, small-bubbled head that exceeds one finger. The head descends quickly to a frazil-icy lacing on the surface. No splashes can be detected afterwards. The nose experiences lemon peel, orange zest and faint raisin. I can also pick a strange leathery nuance right behind the main characteristics. The taste is interestingly earthy and fruity: a combination of lemon peel, orange juice, raisin and medium-sweet malt. It brings in my mind overfermented Finnish mead "Vappusima" with a substantially lower degree of sweetness though. The body is light-medium. The beer ends with light-hopped medium-sweet malt, accompanied by a fermented cocktail of lemon peel, a tad overripe orange, a pinch of raisin and a suggestion of dough. The aftertaste confuses the tastebuds over short to medium duration. The mouthfeel is fairly soft, rather flat, earthy and a little lip-glueing. The entire experience is, in effect, odd that I'm not sure if this is a failure or funky. Since I hope to be a positive person, I choose funky. I wouldn't necessarily buy this again though.

Post author: Krabenkuder
4 years ago
Simmentaler Märzen, Switzerland
Einfarbig unaufgeregt.