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Trunk Line India White Ale 4.7%, Parkside Brewery, Canada
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Trunk Line India White Ale
4.7% Wheat Beer / Wheat Ale
A collaboration with VIJ's and Parkside. Dry hopped wheat ale with Indian spice and orange peel.


Post author: Gordzilla
@ Beverly Corners
6 years ago
Trunk Line India White Ale, Canada
Wonderful aromas of orange and spices. I cant identify sl of them but certainly cardamom and coriander. There are some juicy notes from the hops as well. It also has wheat and a bready pale malt scent. Just mouth watering. Gently hazy and golden yellow in appearance. White foam head that starts small and stays there. On the tongue the yeasty wheat hits first but is quickly overtaken by a tsunami of orange and cardamom. The coriander come through well here too. As you get to know it some citrus and gentle pine from the hops begins to surface.The malts present very nicely and give a solid base to this drink. The medium body is bright and leaves a creamy coating in the mouth. Very tasty and refreshing.