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Sunbather 4.0%, Southbourneales, England
5 ratings
4.0% Red Ale / Amber Ale
A solid Red ale.


Post author: Timmerfy
1 year ago
Sunbather, England
Beer #6 Advent 2021 Where was #5 I hear you cry (not) well it was Shipyard IPA and I’ve reviewed that previously. So onto 6 this is a local brew from a brewery in Bournemouth. This is a very deep red ale. It’s tasty enough full of toffees and caramels on my palette. Nice and smooth but not overly enticing. I wouldn’t rush back for another but I wouldn’t refuse one either.

Post author: Josh N
Josh N
4 years ago
Sunbather, England
Not so much red more of a murky brown. Very thin with almost no head, had to pour from a height to get any at all. None of the described toffee or orange on the tongue just a bit of tartness, maybe this is past it’s best but with out a best before I can’t tell for sure

Post author: Alejandro N
Alejandro N
4 years ago

Post author: Kg
5 years ago

Post author: Liam B
Liam B
@ The Micro Moose
5 years ago