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Boathouse Bitter 3.7%, City of Cambridge Brewery, England
5 ratings
Boathouse Bitter
3.7% Bitter
Aromatic characteristics evoke treacle, coffee and even hints of raisins.


Post author: Clusp
2 years ago
It’s more sour than bitter. It has a good colour and it’s not too gassy, I just wanted a little more refinement. It’s tangy and a little too sharp, there is a bitter aftertaste but it’s too little too late. It’s like going to watch the latest Star Wars film released by Disney, it has most of the right elements but it’s been dumbed down and held together with fairy spit and flying elephant dung. It’s not what I expected and not what I was hoping for. Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay, it’s not too bad but it says bitter on the label and it’s not that.

Post author: Bowling
@ Cambridge beer festival
2 years ago
Winner of the 26th Cambridge beer festival Now brewery no longer in Cambridge Moved to Dereham Norfolk but keeps its name Notes of roasted toffee caramel and malt

Post author: Tom b
Tom b
4 years ago
Not the nicest of the city of Cambridge's line up but still a rather pleasant drink

Post author: Chance H
Chance H
5 years ago