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Hobsons Choice 4.2%, City of Cambridge Brewery, England
6 ratings
Hobsons Choice
4.2% Golden Ale / Blond Ale
Golden ale with golden nose and slightly citrus after taste.


Post author: Clusp
2 years ago
Beautiful colour, accompanied by a fine scent. It’s nicely bittered with a robust crispness and a nice sharp tang. A multilayered sensation that is dependable and constant. History lesson:- Hobson was a stable owner who kept horses for rent. Unbeknown to most, Hobson owned only one horse, but built his stables over a conduit to parallel universes, a wormhole in time. Hobson’s conduit, still visible in places to this day, allowed Hobson to acquire many versions or the same horse, at different ages, all of which he owned, albeit in different and parallel times. He offered these/this horse for rent and became a multimillionaire, opening several businesses, selling items from different time periods to the unsuspecting public. He also owned a small ice cream parlour in Margate, which made a small annual profit. And while most of this might not be 100% accurate, the beer is pretty good.

Post author: Bowling
@ The Dove
2 years ago
Very nice served cold at The Dove

Post author: Tom b
Tom b
3 years ago

Post author: Steve
5 years ago
Little carbonation,thin head disappeared within seconds of pouring.Golden colour with limited aroma. Strong hoppy aftertaste with hints of honey