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Baltic Pirate Porter 9.5%, Hoppin' Frog Brewery, United States
4 ratings
Baltic Pirate Porter
9.5% Baltic Porter


Post author: Ju$i
5 years ago

Post author: Juho L
Juho L
6 years ago
Baltic Pirate Porter, United States
Oikein hyvää. Baltic porter henkeen ja vereen. 4-

Post author: Deleted by user
Deleted by user
6 years ago
Baltic Pirate Porter, United States
Todella hyvä täyteläinen, vahva ja tasapainoinen balttiporter. Tykkään.

Post author: Sirdubby
6 years ago
Chocolate is the first thing I get in the aroma. Some caramel as well. Chocolate is first in the taste as well, and seems to be a mix of milk and dark chocolate. Next, I'm getting some plum. Some hoppiness is present to kinda counteract the sweetness. A nice smokiness shows up mid-palate and lingers into the aftertaste along with some of the bitterness. This is tasty. Mouthfeel is on the higher end of medium bodied and the carbonation is fairly medium-low, as is appropriate. Great porter and I can't wait to try the bourbon barrel aged version of this in the future. 4.25/5