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L'Ambitieuse 10.0%, Brasserie L'Apaisée, Switzerland
1 Bewertungen
10.0% Imperial Stout


Post author: WexiLahti
@ Drinks of the World, Geneva
6 years ago
L'Ambitieuse, Switzerland
Impenetrable, jet black beer with astonishingly lively carbonation allows a cappuccino-colored, soapy head to elevate itself up to two fingers. The intensive scent reveals slightly bitter cocoa powder, bags of raw chocolate and a remote aroma of licorice, sweetened with truly sappy maple syrup. Notes of oakwood and a bit tangy liqueur accompany quite close behind. After a longish waiting and warming, the fragrance starts being quite heavy and full although no new nuances emerge. The palate is strikingly strong, substantially awakening and sufficiently multidimensional. Powerful raw chocolate, followed by hefty dark chocolate, masses of cocoa nibs and a slightly too penetrative spike of ethanol constitute the almost everything of the gustatory universe. Oversweet thick maple syrup rounds the taste somewhat. Generally speaking, this beer is portays a little too much of everything, creating a somewhat messy entity. The body is medium-full. The finish forces extraordinarily strong, slightly boozy characteristics of bitter raw chocolate and somewhat tangy maple syrup as well as remote sweet dark plum onto every nook of the tongue and gives tastebuds a really hard time. Stark liqueur and cough syrup roll in the mouth for a medium to long period. The mouthfeel is rather strong, somewhat alcoholic, slightly tangy, a bit medicinal and medium-full. Unique, somewhat complex and demanding.