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Easy Tiger 4.5%, Superflux Beer Company, Canada
3 ratings
Easy Tiger
4.5% India Pale Ale


Post author: David
1 year ago
Easy Tiger, Canada
riecht sehr fruchtig, davon schmeckt man leider nicht sehr viel

Post author: Daniel
1 year ago
Easy Tiger, Canada
Dose 1 🌟 Geruch 5 🌟 Aussehen 3 🌟 Geschmack 2 🌟 Endlich ist es soweit: Bieradventkalender Tür #1 startet mit einer Enttäuschung... Extrem trockenes, geschmackloses Pale Ale ohne Höhepunkte. Auch der Geschmack im Mund verfliegt nach Sekunden Kann nur besser werden 😅

Post author: Gordzilla
@ Liquor Plus
6 years ago
Easy Tiger, Canada
What they lack in label design they make up in quality. These folks make some very good beers and have really excelled at hoppy ones. This hazy yellow beer is not all that attractive but the aroma is enchanting that it really makes you forget to care. Massive tropical fruit and easy orange make up the nose. Very soft on the palate with massive tropical fruit juiciness. Mild citrus, and pineapple. There is a bit of bitterness but it really is overshadowed by the delicious fruit flavors. Medium body and a bit creamy, the texture makes me keep thinking I'm going to find pulp in there. Very tasty NEIPA.