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Clock Cleaner 11.0%, Pale Fire Brewing Company, United States
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Clock Cleaner
11.0% Imperial IPA / Double IPA
Triple IPA (Ale)


Post author: JonD
@ Craft Beer Cellar
6 years ago
Clock Cleaner, United States
Beautiful Pint Cans of Craft IPA 5/10 So, a "triple." Quite the claim, but at 11% can't be far off. I tried to find the IBUs, without success. Nose is what you'd expect from a double, bit malty dank, bit hoppy sweet. Get mainly the sweet on the tongue. Bitterness is really not that pronounced. That malty dankness is dominant and lingers a bit with a little bitterness. Boozy, not bad, not terribly interesting. ***Shout out to DC's Craft Brew Cellar with their dizzying selection of singles***