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Hopped Cider R+D 4.0%, Hawkes, England
1 ratings
Hopped Cider R+D
4.0% Hopped Cider


Post author: WexiLahti
@ Hawkes
6 years ago
Hopped Cider R+D, England
Clear, pale amber cider pours from cask. Emerges a thin, white head that settles rapidly to still. The fragrance is nearly nonexistent, only a faint nuance of medium-sour apple rises to the nostrils. The light palate displays apple juice. Hops don't taste at all in this hopped cider but there is a remotely vinous touch in it, resembling douce sparkling wine. The aftertaste is short and thin with semisour apple juice. The mouthfeel is light, even watery, slightly tart, distantly vinous and relatively flat.