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Standard Lager 4.5%, Fulton Beer Company, United States
4 ratings
Standard Lager
4.5% Premium Lager


Post author: Tempsey
@ 7 West Taphouse
4 years ago
Honest lager here

Post author: Miguel C
Miguel C
4 years ago
Aroma desde que se sirve, una lager ámbar dorada con un sabor que perdura

Post author: Webrat
@ Trio Taphouse
5 years ago
Standard Lager, United States
Very nice golden amber lager with decent lacing. Aroma has hints of malt and I also sense the smell of fresh turned topsoil that really balances out. Taste Is very crisp and clean. This one is on my "please sir, may I have another?" list.

Post author: Mr X
Mr X
5 years ago
Standard Lager, United States
Has a bready malt to it with a little hop background. Clean & crisp. Actually tastes more like a pils than a lager but a solid beer