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Matryoshka 12.0%, Fort George Brewery, United States
1 ratings
12.0% Foreign Stout / Export Stout
Matryoshka is a barrel-aged winter offering in the Sweet Virginia Series, stacking layers upon layers of elegant complexity. The brewers begin with From Astoria With Love, a hearty Russian Imperial Stout seasonal. They tuck that stout seasonal into bourbon barrels, or wine barrels (or whatever barrels they happen to get their hands on), nestling them away in the Lovell Showroom for the year. A small portion of those barrels receive some added love – perhaps vanilla beans or cocoa nibs, for example. And of those barrels, only a few will be blessed a second time with berries or coffee beans or some exotic spice. Each addition adds a layer to the series, with increasingly smaller and smaller batches. By January, Matryoshka and her variations are ready for to release, at Fort George Brewery and around the Pacific Northwest.


Post author: TheBunker69
6 years ago