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Wulver 12.0%, Thirsty Dog Brewing Company, United States
2 ratings
12.0% Scotch Ale / Wee Heavy


Post author: AlanM
3 years ago

Post author: Sirdubby
6 years ago
Wulver, United States
Side by side review. Backwoods Bastard on the left and Thirsty Dog Wulver on the right. Caramel shows up first, followed by oak from the barrel aging. The bourbon is there, but it's not super prominent. I'm gonna lead off with the Wulver since I've never had it before. The nose is definitely deceiving. The bourbon is there. Oak from the barrel is great. Caramel adds some sweetness to this brew. The caramel is definitely more prominent in this one. Incredibly smooth. Oak still shines and I'm getting some toffee now. Bourbon is definitely prominent in the taste, but also as it slides down the throat. This is really tasty. Picking a winner between these two is gonna be tough. I like this one because of the drinkability. The caramel is more prominent. The charred oak in Backwoods Bastard is definitely a nice addition, though. The bourbon, caramel and oak in this one are great. Very well balanced and smooth. I'm gonna have to call it a tie. Both have unique qualities that make them great and it's hard to pick a winner. If it's down to price point alone, Backwoods wins hands down, but by quality standards, both are definitely very worthy of trying. 4.25/5