Get closer
to drinkers

Understand who’s drinking what and where. What are they saying about your beer? About your competitors?


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Highly targeted marketing for global and local markets. Be there where the beer lovers are!


More exposure to your

Build awareness, engagement and trust in your brand.

Pint Please analyzes drinking behaviour of beer drinkers and helps breweries make better decisions.

  1. Support your brand 

    Tell about your beers to the users with beer profiles and with advertising.

  2. Tell what is new and tasty!

    Easily create advertising to the Buzz and let the community know about your new brews!

  3. Understand customers

    Get better understanding who are your customers and communicate with them!

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Know who is drinking your beer

Pint Please analytics tell you what drinkers are saying about your beers, by region, by town or even by pub. You can review their star ratings, and detailed comments of your beers.

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Manage your brands

Pint Please has a simple interface for brewers making it quick and easy to add details and images of your products and brands.

This means they look at their best and as you want them in the recommendations and beer listing preserving the integrity of your brand image and making it easy for drinkers to find what they want.

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